Monday, July 15

Rock on. We’ve got clear skies this morning.

The Moon in realistic Capricorn trines idealistic Uranus at 4:08 am PDT and then sails out into calm seas. Green lights are up for work or play on Monday.

The only difficult aspect is very minor: Moon opposite lazy Venus, exact at 9:42 pm Monday night - who got the last cookie from the cookie jar?

As times change.

2 thoughts on “Monday, July 15

  1. Lance

    injuries to your hands, ruled by Mercury, are common during Mercury Rx…but here is a hack…put toothpaste on burns and the pain goes away and they won’t get infected …it’s like magic…
    I was a mad chemist as a kid and burned my fingers all the time heating and bending glass tubing…and that’s how I learned this trick…don’ know who told me…


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