Monday, July 17

Caution lights. There are two out of the ordinary squares in the Skywatch on Monday.

Venus squares deceptive Neptune at 7:34 am PDT Monday morning which clouds up our ability to judge matters realistically—and also tempts some pilgrims to lie and cheat.

A dangerous Mars-Uranus square at 6:35 pm is likely to signal computer and electrical problems in our homes/offices, rebellious acts, fights on the playground, breakdowns and traffic accidents Monday afternoon.

Sit tight on Monday and try to be patient with those who feel the need to be “a wild and crazy guy.”

Luckily the nightcap Monday evening is a peaceful Moon-Neptune sextile a 9:56 pm.

As times change.

One thought on “Monday, July 17

  1. Franky Edder

    Those two squares seem to have leaked over into Tuesday. My laptop is under the perpetual delusion that a USB stick is a diskette drive. It didn’t do that on Sunday.

    Franky get’s in a space vehicle, and goes to kick Mars and Uranus’s butts.


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