Monday, July 27

Mixmaster. That’s how I described this day in my 2020 Datebook. Here’s why. A lovely, compassionate Jupiter Neptune sextile, exact at 9:06 am PDT throws out gallons of creative energy into the Skywatch and perhaps the key to a vaccine for Covid-19.

Neptune rules the medical world and infections; Jupiter is always helpful when connecting to any planet. Contradicting energy follows when Venus makes a square to Neptune at 10:48 am throwing some fog and confusion into our lives.

An aggressive and contrary Mercury square to impatient Mars at 2:46 pm adds another note of stress and challenge to moods and actions. Something unexpected could also be part of difficulties today as the Moon opposes rebellious Uranus at 3:04 pm.

Clear skies follow for the rest of the day and night but there will be echoes of the major events in the heavens on Monday. Honesty and kindness can prevail and win the day if you choose to ride past the squares and follow the Golden Rule.

As times change.

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