Monday, July 3

All kisses. The Moon lines up in harmony with three planets on Monday—green lights are up.

The Moon in intense and focused Scorpio trines the Sun in Cancer at 9:46 am PDT creating a time of balance and positive energy useful in work or play. Trust your intuition today as the Moon also trines psychic Neptune in Pisces at 2:16 pm. Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces are all water signs, and usually, these birth signs are friends to each other.

Water rules our emotions, and they are on stage for all today as trines blend energies and bring out the best sides of the involved planets. Healing Pluto makes a gentle and welcome sextile to the Moon at 10:28 pm Monday night—it’s a very good time to lay your cards on the table.

As times change.

2 thoughts on “Monday, July 3

  1. Trina

    Wow! I have sun in cancer , moon in Scorpio, Saturn in cancer and three more planets in water. My husband has Jupiter in Pisces. Hopefully this will be a great day.

  2. lance Ferguson

    wow…all the water signs…big good news ahead for you and husband….oct 10…Jupiter enters Scorpio…which kisses all the water signs…good time to plan travel or adventure while Jupiter spends a year in Scorpio. It’s good news for Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces planets, Trina…as times change.


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