Monday, July 8

Double-check the details. We’ve got Mercury Rx now and until July 31 increasing the chances of errors, delays, breakdowns, accidents, and confusion - Worldwide.

The rest of the Skywatch this morning has a pleasant vibe as the Moon in partnership sign Libra sextiles or harmonizes with Mercury and Mars at 6:37 am PDT. The kiss of the day follows as adaptable Venus sextiles brilliant Uranus at 8:31 am. Here’s a very good time to make a move or an important call.

But don’t press the issue as Luna then squares superficial Venus at 9:33 am. Slow down, slow down Monday afternoon as Mercury Rx meets, conjuncts hasty and impatient Mars in the heavens at 3:28 pm.

Fights on the school ground and road rage are all more likely with this pair. But clear skies return a few minutes later for the rest of the day and night.

As times change.

2 thoughts on “Monday, July 8

  1. Stephen

    Sounds like the ideal day to write a letter of apology to an estranged old friend – all the more so as the Moon is also sextile to my natal Venus today.

  2. Lance

    yes, it is, Stephen….Mercury Rx is a good time to deal with past matters in a positive way.

    and Uranus is the planet that rules our friends.


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