Monday, June 14

This is the most difficult day of the month and maybe the year. Caution lights are up.

A powerful Saturn Uranus square turns exact at 3:01 pm PDT Monday afternoon. And there’s an emotional storm to go with it as the Moon squares Uranus and opposes Saturn at 12:28 pm forming a giant T-Square in the heavens, an extremely stressful formation that could shake mountains and trigger extreme actions in people and events around the globe.

And with Mercury still Retrograde, there is no telling how this square will play out. Best to not put yourself in harm’s way on Monday or to gamble in any way. Aquarius birth signs, ruled by Saturn and Uranus, especially. Yes, pay extra attention to the kids and critters today and tonight as small problems can get way out of hand with this set of aspects in the Skywatch.

As times change.

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