Monday, June 7

Early grumps but a good day.

The Moon conjuncts erratic Uranus at 12:39 am PDT and then squares grumpy Saturn at 1:51 am, but that’s it. So if you wake up a little cranky, get the second cup and get ready for a good day.

Green lights are up as the Moon in realistic and kind-hearted Taurus sails out into quiet skies.

The only other marker in the Skywatch appears Monday evening when the Moon sextiles forgiving Neptune at 9:46 pm.

As times change.

9 thoughts on “Monday, June 7

  1. Roxann Schwaner

    I was wondering what the year looks like for those born between 6/6/21 and 6/13/21?
    Did I miss something somewhere? It is usually provided for the week? Perhaps some things have changed that I was unaware of ? Just curious… it has to do with someone who I am close too.

  2. Kathy Wall

    While I am not authorized by Lance or Leslie to share this info, I hope they don’t mind my sharing this info. If you become a member you will have advance info for the upcoming month approximately 2 weeks before the start of said month. I truly don’t know if this info is also provided daily to non-members. I had to tighten my belt financially the past year but my SkyWatch membership would be one of the last things I would ever choose to stop. I am definitely not tech savvy but believe I am providing you with the correct info for the birth dates you’re looking for less June 13th.

    If your birthday is this week (June 6–12),
    this is a year to put some energy into your
    home and family matters, Gemini. All due to
    both Venus and Mars sitting in homey Cancer
    in your new Solar Return. (Mars drifts into
    Leo if you were born on the 11th and 12, but
    Venus remains in the sign of home, mother
    and emotions). You also have Jupiter and
    Neptune in water sign Pisces in this chart of
    your new year. Water signs rule our emotions
    and this is the year to pay attention to your
    feelings as well as your thinking. Pure logic
    may not bring you as much satisfaction as fol-
    lowing a hunch or something you feel in your
    gut reactions. The Saturn Uranus square in the
    heavens now is also a part of your new SR.
    Make important changes in your life slowly
    and with an eye on how they will work out
    in future developments. Quick fixes may not
    be your best choice. As times change.

    1. Leslie McLaurin Post author

      Kathy, thanks so much for the kind words and posting the weekly birthday forecast (which I usually do on the Sunday daily post). As you may know, Lance and I just made a move to our son’s house (really, it’s just down the street) so have been dealing with that for the past month. Good news is, we are finished, moved in (not unpacked mind you) but at least out of the old house and into the new. So now we can get back to Skywatch business! We appreciate your sharing this.

  3. Julie

    Leslie, please ask Lance to update his website letter & catch us up on your news. What about this move? Anything else going on for you all and in your area? Thanks

  4. Jack M

    Love the coffee mention! This morning I saw a cat meme that said, “Before my coffee, I hate people. After my coffee, I feel good about hating people.” Ha ha!


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