Monday, March 16

Take your time getting going this morning. The Sun and Moon square at 2:34 am PDT, and the Moon then turns Void of course until she enters practical Capricorn at 9:25 am.

Green lights come on a minute later as the Skywatch improves. Luna sextiles clever Mercury at 9:49 am suggesting a good moment for an important call.

A friendly Moon Uranus trine at 5:33 pm is likely to make happy hour a very good time to meet new friends and to enjoy the old.

Clear skies follow.

As times change.

3 thoughts on “Monday, March 16

  1. Lance Ferguson

    Another big change coming is Saturn entering broadminded and liberal Aquarius on March 21. Saturn will hang out in this air sign until early July, then Retrograde back into Capricorn. However, both Jupiter and Saturn will enter Aquarius next December and stay. Big planets changing signs set off new eras. Aquarius rules groups with a humanitarian aim and your friends. Matters connected to the future in your life and times are also under the rule of this fixed air sign. Likely we’ll get a glimpse of the changes Saturn’s calling will create very soon, like a sneak preview. Aquarius is also the sign we associate with “the truth” and it’s likely to be on the front page soon.

  2. Alex Troup

    Thanks for the heads up on Aquarius so we hide in the mountains and come out one more year Capricorn and Cancer.


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