Monday, March 5

Get organized and ready for Mercury to Retrograde again on March 22.

Jupiter will also begin to Rx on March 8. This means things are going to slow down in general as the month rolls on.

The good news is that most of the secondary astrology this week is excellent for handling top priority matters and important appointments. This is a good week to get your car serviced and computer matters completed and backed up.

The Moon enters intense Scorpio at 5:23 am PST early Monday morning and sails out into quiet seas. Green lights are up as the Skywatch is clear and good for work or play.

The only exact aspect is a kiss as the Moon sextiles dependable Saturn at 7:31 pm. Oddity: Mercury enters Spring sign Aries at 11:35 pm Monday night—and he’s two weeks early.

Arguments get more heated with this change, and is the weather out of sync?

As times change.

4 thoughts on “Monday, March 5

  1. Lance W Ferguson

    Mercury usually enters Aries, the sign of Spring, around March 20….Mercury rules the winds…
    and is a factor in forecasting our weather patterns…coming early likely means faster winds and strong storms as Aries is ruled by agressive Mars….torenadoes likely.

    Over the last three weeks Mercury has been in water sign Pisces…suggesting problems with water..


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