Monday, May 13

A little magic is in the air today. All due to the Sun making a positive connection, a trine, to powerful Pluto, exact at 8:04 pm PDT.

This trine will help you deal with the boss, all authority figures or to be an authority figure yourself. Along the way, the Moon in practical Virgo trines clever Mercury a 7:48 am kicking on the green lights for work or play.

A touch of fog or confusion could show up Monday afternoon when the Moon opposes dreamy Neptune at 4:15 pm. But sanity returns as the Moon trines dependable Saturn at 7:39 pm directly in front of the helpful Sun Pluto trine.

Luna travels on to square over-optimistic Jupiter at 11:32 pm but a very friendly Moon Pluto trine follows at 12:11 am early Tuesday morning.

As times change.

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