Monday, May 14

Upbeat and dangerous. Both ideas and energies are in the Skywatch this week.

Green lights are up for Monday and most of Tuesday as a New Moon in money sign Taurus lines up in the heavens.

A dangerous Mars-Uranus square late Tuesday night promises breakdowns, violence, and acts of rebellion in the headlines—and Mars is notorious for causing a problem way before the exact moment.  So proceed with caution on Monday and stay on the conservative side of things.

The Moon in Taurus suggests a good day to make purchases and financial decisions. Luna sextiles psychic Neptune at 2:44 pm PDT and then opposes generous Jupiter at 5:08 pm.

This is a good night to talk budgets, and future financial plans as the Moon trines astute Pluto at 11:05 pm Monday evening, and a New Moon is brewing.

As times change.

1 thought on “Monday, May 14

  1. lance Ferguson

    Notable…Uranus (changes, freedom) enters Taurus(money) tomorrow and now the Supreme Court legalizes gambling…not predictable, also Uranus trait.

    The dangerous Mars Uranus square that is also brewing incites violence and is likely to time out more volcanic activity in Hawaii, along with more violence in Israel. Sad to say…


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