Monday, October 19.

Mixed signals again.

Gentle Venus lines up in a trine to upbeat Jupiter at 12:35 am PDT early this morning. A positive vibe from this pair is enhanced by the Moon traveling through Jupiter ruled Sagittarius.

The “Rub” is Retrograde Mercury lining up opposite contrary and eccentric Uranus at 7:55 pm. Surprises, errors, and misunderstandings are all more likely today with this pair hanging out. But that is the only difficulty in the Skywatch on Monday.

Use care with communications and don’t overreact to something unusual jumping up and you can skate through Monday easily.

As times change.

2 thoughts on “Monday, October 19.

  1. Linda Marglon

    Dear Lance thank you for your daily guidance. The comment…”don’t overreact” could probably be great advice for my entire life ❤️ Will remain mindful today

  2. lance ferguson

    pets…lots of ads for lost and found dogs and cats in our neighborhood…all due to Mercury, ruler of pets, in Retrograde now. Small problems they have can get out of hand during this three week cycle of Mercury – don’t ignore small sores or unhealthy changes in your pets.


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