Monday, October 21

A good week is ahead. If you’ve been waiting for a time to put something complicated into motion, this is a good week to pull the trigger.

Agreeable Venus in healing Scorpio kisses both Neptune and Pluto this week, encouraging positive reactions from others and good financial news. There are no difficult aspects over the next five days, and that’s unusual.

There will be some angst in the next weekend’s Skywatch, so get to the important stuff this week. A grouchy Sun Moon square at 5:39 am PDT is the worst moment of the day. And caution lights kick on a minute later as Luna turns Void of Course until she enters upbeat Leo at 9:29 am.

Green lights kick on at this moment as a lovely Venus Neptune trine follows at 12:41 pm. This trine blends gentle and agreeable Venus with spiritual and creative vibes that will be a mellow influence and helpful for finding compromises and agreements on Monday.

One sharp sticker or perhaps a shock appears in the heavens at 5:56 pm when the Moon squares jumpy Uranus. Clear skies follow.

As times change.

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