Monday, October 21

Mercury Retrograde. A three-week period of confusion, delays, schedule changes, weird weather and more begins at 5:29 am Monday morning.

This Rx cycle appears in the Skywatch three times a year and signals to all of us a time to: Stop, look and listen. Use this Rx cycle well by going over past plans and goals with the idea you can improve them significantly.

Wait to make major purchases, decisions or to get a new tattoo as you just might change your mind once the Rx cycle ends on Nov 10. Caution lights are up Monday morning as the Moon is Void of Course until she enters Gemini at 11:14 am.

Double-check the details today and especially when any other stress marker is in the Skywatch during the Rx cycle. Keep it simple Monday afternoon as the Moon squares dreamy Neptune at 4:32 pm and then squares angry Mars at 6:47 pm.

A patient approach then will help carry you safely to the quiet hours that follow.

As times change.

3 thoughts on “Monday, October 21

  1. Lance Ferguson

    Weather patterns change on Merc Rx…the jet stream is way
    south now…record cold up north…as Merc is way ahead of
    where he should be, so the weather is “ahead” of schedule…
    now watch as Mercury backs up and moves away from this position,
    back into early fall weather and winter storms are delayed.
    Also note huge hurricane off Mexico. Transit strike in SF
    Bay Area is Merc Rx, too. Misery for commuters.

  2. Nootka

    Hi Lance,

    I and so many I’m hearing about are having severe flare-ups of “aches and pains” (e.g., joints, back problems) the past 2 weeks, but seems like it’s starting to release a bit now. Do you see anything going on in the astrology that might be a factor? I know there was a Mars/Saturn square in Leo/Scorpio. Or buildup to the eclipse maybe? I keep hearing the time frame of “the past 2 weeks” and uncommon inflammation that doesn’t ease up with usual remedies.

  3. Pat M.

    Hi Lance,

    Another “weird” thing. Lately I keep dropping things – keys, papers, spoons. I can’t tell you how many things have slipped out of my hands over the last few days. This is not normal for me–can I blame the planets? 🙂


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