Monday, October 28

Stick to routine today. The Moon trines/kisses sweet Venus at 7:26 am and then turns Void of Course until she enters Virgo at 10:45 pm Monday evening, adding a touch of confusion to the day’s activities is Mercury Retrograde.

And another major event is brewing now:  Uranus square Pluto, exact on Nov 1.

This is the fourth square in a series of seven that will finally culminate in the Spring of 2015!  Uranus in Aries wants change NOW!  Pluto in Capricorn will have none of it—the status quo rules.

This big square also shows up in times of natural catastrophes—the last-square was May 20, the day tornados destroyed Moore, Oklahoma.

We can’t expect the same expression of these turbulent forces this time, besides Uranus is unpredictable. So this is a good week to lay low and not push your luck or take chances.

Problems with computers, cars and everything electrical are also more likely. And this square has been cooking all month in case you feel like you have been seeing some wild and maybe stupid behavior in others—that’s one problem with this square in that it excites the rebel and lawless side in all of us. Most of us won’t act on these impulses. Others will.

Be vigilant and stay away from trouble this week.

As times change.

One thought on “Monday, October 28

  1. taylor

    yes what a day yesterday was for me. I got laid off on my 2 jobs, start of a cold…it was definately a day I will remember.


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