Monday, October 30

Tackle the hard jobs first thing.

The Moon in Pisces trines the Sun in Scorpio at 6:34 am PDT encouraging a balanced approach to matters that require attention Monday morning.

A short spacey interlude appears in the heavens Monday afternoon as the Moon meets Pisces ruler, Neptune in the heavens at 2:33 pm.

Low energy, confusion of some kind and idealistic thinking are all attached to this pair.  Not a good time to make binding decisions or to have important appointments.

A clearing trend immediately begins after this conjunction and clear skies prevail for the rest of the day and night.

As times change.

2 thoughts on “Monday, October 30

  1. HiC

    I was just looking ahead to November in the yearly Datebook, and I wondered when you say, for example : « this trine sends a message to all Aquarians, and to the Aquarian elements in our birth charts »

    Would this mean to look at what house Aquarius is in and what planets are in Aquarius in the natal chart … or would one look at a Transit chart to see what planets are in there during this particular trine (obviously, the house would stay the same).

    Thank you for helping me to better understand the best way to look at this.

  2. lance Ferguson

    I don’t really understand your second paragraph….yes, you would look to the house Aquarius rules…and any planets in Aquarius…would be helped by the trine of Saturn to Uranus, the rulers of Aquarius… additionallly, I think you are pointing out that the houses occupied by Saturn and Uranus in transit would also be given a big kiss…and that’s true, too. is that what you are asking in the second paragraph? Both ideas are there….


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