Monday, September 14

Get involved; green lights are up.

The stage is set for successful connections with your boss, father, and all authority figures on Monday. It’s also a stellar say for an important appointment with a consultant or doctor.

The Sun trines healing Pluto today at 4:09 pm PDT, energy that usually brings solutions and benefits to those who take action. Most helpful to all today is that the Moon in powerful Leo, ruled by the Sun, sextiles clever Mercury at 7:53 am and then sails out into calm seas.  

This is a good day to be the authority as well as working with one. Evening hours are quiet and good for calls and social fun.

As times change.

2 thoughts on “Monday, September 14

  1. Jack M

    I had a beautiful view this morning of the yellow crescent moon, like a little bowl, with Venus just up and to the right of it.


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