Monday, September 23

Ch-ch- changes. Welcome Autumn today as the Sun enters Fall sign Libra early this morning at 12:51 am PDT. Jimmy Buffet said it best: Changes in latitude, changes in attitude. So this is a good day to network and meet new folks as Libra is the sign of partnerships.

Meanwhile, the Moon in sensitive Cancer trines dream-maker Neptune at 3:56 am and travels on to oppose astute Pluto at 10:21 am, an event best handled with compromise and a willingness to see both sides of the story. Luna then makes a welcome sextile to eager Mars at 3:05 pm setting up the best hour of the day for important calls and business.

Luna then turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning but astrological skies are clear otherwise for the rest of the day and night.

As times change.

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