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Friends,                                                                                              November 9, 2017

Local color:  Autumn is a slow dancer in Birch Bay, Washington…the leaves are a foot deep in our backyard.  Huge maple leaves the size of a child’s hand carpet the grass with golden copper tones, and it looks like a Norman Rockwell painting.  And more leaves are yet to fall in our yard and in the forests.  We got two inches of snow last week, a very early occurrence in our area, but the snow was not any problem to us at all.  The roads were clear, and it was gone in two days. We got to enjoy the snow with no hassles and temperatures that stayed well above freezing.  Now that all the yards have green grass again from recent rains, the falling leaves stand out on a vibrant green canvas.  The Kodak moment came just after the snow storm when Leslie spied a hummingbird outside the window where we had a feeder last year.  Shazam!  Leslie filled the feeder with fresh juice, and it was out there in five minutes.  The hummer, looks like a ruby throat, got his fill and now hangs out in the branches of a nearby bush guarding his stash of energy.  Amazing, there are hummers who Winter here and that he came back to the old spot where he dined before.

It’s apple time here in Whatcom county (weird word but you get used to it – it’s a Lummi Indian word that means “noisy water”). There are many varieties of apples in the stores. And the fresh cider they make from them is fabulous.  The Spud Shed in Lynden is also open again.  Farmers grow lots of potatoes along with berries and apples in this county.  25 pounds of red, white or yellow potatoes for ten bucks is what the sign there says. And mushrooms are another local crop.  They also sell mushroom kits at the farmer’s market so you can grow your own – very cool.  All the farmers and ranchers here are very careful to avoid chemicals and hormones in their crops, cattle, and milk.  I think we have the purest food supply in the country.  Our tap water comes from deep wells and is cool and sweet right out of the kitchen faucet – no point in buying bottled water at all – we fill them up at home.

Predictions from the weather service and astrology all point to a severe Winter weather pattern in our future.  So Leslie is thinking ahead and just made a big batch of Thieves Vinegar to help us get through the flu season. The big gallon jar is now aging in the pantry and will be ready to consume in about a month.  It is an easy concoction to make once you assemble all the herbs and goodies that go into it.  The contents have been studied and found to be immune-enhancing and potently anti-microbial against viruses of all kinds, bacteria, fungi.  The aromatic vinegar can be taken daily as a tonic and preventative, and more frequently after the onset of illness. You’ll find the recipe and story behind this elixir at This site is a global health resource for local solutions and information that you won’t see in your local news. I urge you to check it out and to read the articles on vaccines and other home remedies.  This site is a goldmine of information. The author is a highly educated holistic nutritional herbal specialist.  And a great storyteller, too who has written four entertaining books on her journey to find a new home and way of life after being homeless for a good spell.  Heads up – mercury Retrograde begins soon…check out the December issue as soon as you can.  Times change.


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  1. Deborah L Buchanan

    What a wonderful missive about fall in the NW. I used to live in the NW corner of Oregon, and I miss the Pacific NW more than words can express. Alas, my family all wants to be in the Sonoran Desert, and I want to be with my family. Anyway, enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving. One of the things I am personally thankful for is the forecasts you offer.


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