October Letter from Lance………..

Friends,                                                                   October 14, 2013

It’s still hot here.  Way above average.  The heat index yesterday touched 100 degrees and the low this morning is 78.  We’ve had enough of the heat and eagerly await the next weather front that should bring us rain and cooler temperatures.  Maybe the weather is to blame for all the migrations being late this year.  The hummingbirds are still at our feeder and should have flown south three weeks ago.  I haven’t seen any ducks, pelicans or any other migratory birds in our area, and it’s time for the first flights to show up.

The awful drought continues and our lakes are now only 32% full.  The city says they will start rationing measures when the lakes get down to 30%.  Which seems like watching the house catch on fire before you hook up the water hoses.  Strange times.  And stressful.  It’s just as weird that there were no hurricanes this year – we are grateful but wonder if that means we get twice as many big storms next year.  There is no doubt in the old timers’ minds around here that the weather patterns have changed dramatically over the last 20-30 years, and not for the better.

Oblivious to the heat, anglers are catching huge snapper offshore and very happy to see that the bays are full of bait fish now which entices the game fish to follow.  One of the cool things they did here is build an artificial reef ten miles offshore.  In an area as big as 40 football fields they dumped huge concrete pipes and specially made ten foot concrete pyramids in water 75 feet deep.  The pyramids are cast with lots of holes that go through the structures creating hiding places for small fish and all kinds of sea life.  Divers and fishermen will have a blast in about a year as the reef attracts a big population that will hang out there from now on.  It’s a fish ranch that will produce some excellent table fare very soon, and you wonder why we spent so much money on space and ignored the exploration and utilization of the oceans – build a reef and they will come.

There’s an outright lie going around I want to correct.  Opponents of wind energy say migrating birds will be killed by the giant windmills.  That’s bullshit.  We are one of the major flyways for migrations and we have this awesome windmill farm nearby and there are no dead birds around them.  None.  If you could see these 420 foot giant windmills out in the middle of the cotton fields, you would realize the blades never move fast enough to be of any danger to birds.  It’s really sad that you can’t believe much of what you read and see on tv these days.  I don’t even want to talk about Congress.  And here comes Mercury Retrograde…

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  1. Linda Martinez

    Thanks Lance for the pro windmill power!! Love it!

    Congress? What Congress? Who are those people?

    Also, love that you included the wisdom of our elder generation.


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