Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Heads up! Miracles and accidents are both more likely over the first week of April. Miracles are the stuff made from a Jupiter Pluto conjunction that appears in the heavens next Saturday morning.

This pair has the energy to transform a situation in your life for the better and to help you find the resources, people, or ideas to make a dream come true. Pluto rules investments and financial matters. Jupiter is the gambler, and he often draws aces. This conjunction is in practical and realistic Capricorn, so don’t gamble with your life savings, but don’t be afraid to take a calculated risk that could pay off in the future.

An accident-prone Mars Uranus square is also forming. Read ahead, and you won’t be surprised if/when something goes off the track. The rest of Wednesday’s astrological weather is good.

A Sun Moon square at 3:21 am PDT early this morning is the only exact stress marker in the heavens today. Green lights are up as the Moon trines clever Mercury at 10:51 am. Trust your intuition this afternoon as Luna trines psychic Neptune at 4:22 pm. Clear skies follow.

If your birthday is this week (March 28 –April 4),

This could be one of your best years ever, Aries. Lucky Jupiter and powerful Pluto are sitting on the same bench in your new Solar Return. This pair shows up in the charts of rich and successful people, and there’s no reason why you can’t move the needle of success much higher in your life in the months ahead with this kind of energy in the chart of your new year. Moreover, loving and wealthy Venus is sitting in a marvelous trine to dependable Saturn in your new SR. She will help you locate more money and love if you give her a chance over this next year, Aries. You won’t pass this way again. Go for the brass ring. As times change.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday, April 1, 2020

  1. Estie Golan

    Greetings Lance & Leslie!

    I’m trusting this finds you both very well.
    Lance, I’m missing your commentary of current events from the astrological perspective that only you can shine!

    I’m holding the vision for all of us getting through this hiccough!

    Wishing y’all wellness and health in all ways.
    To be continued with love and gratitude from Asheville, NC…


  2. Lance Ferguson

    Estie, the genesis of this health crisis can be traced back to the Saturn Pluto conjunction that appeared in the Skywatch on Jan 12. Pluto rules death and transformation. Saturn rules the structures of business and government – all broken now. Looking back into history this pair of planets has always called out a time of great stress and financial difficulty. The fifty cent question is how long this pair will hold power in the heavens and our lives. It’s not likely to be soon but there may be help from Jupiter and later on from Neptune. Astrologers can’t give you a time line or hope for a quick fix. All we can tell you is that there must be something good to come of all this suffering. But we may have to wait a while to know what that is. Meanwhile, be well, and let’s share all the love we can.


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Tuesday, March 31

Delays, frustration, and a hard-nosed attitude from impatient Mars meeting serious Saturn in the heavens at 11:31 am PDT kicks on the caution lights Tuesday morning. Fights, accidents, breakdowns, and headaches all can find the root cause in this pair.

Work hard and stay committed to your path this morning, and you probably won’t feel any difficult effects as you are using this energy and not letting it use you. That’s a key idea in timing patterns and astrology.

If you use Mars constructively and spend your energy getting things done, this pair can move mountains. You’ll see folks around you who don’t.

Emotions will be near the surface today due to the Moon entering sensitive Cancer at 4:43 am PDT. The best hour of the day shows up at 2:24 pm when the Moon sextiles friendly Uranus.

Quiet hours follow.

As times change.

1 thought on “Tuesday, March 31

  1. Jenny Wiberley

    Hi Leslie and Lance,
    Do hope all is well at your place! Thank you so much for all you are doing to help us. Thank you for helping me get my email straightened out so I can receive skywatch. One program I use everyday.
    Be safe and stay well. Much happiness to you both,


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Monday, March 30

Caution lights. The Moon squares dreamy Neptune at 8:10 am PDT this morning and then turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning.

Hold off on finalizing matters while the Moon is V/C as the outcome might not totally please you. Our intuition and judgment are not as reliable and accurate” during this part of the lunar cycle.

Another change the heavens today is Mars leaving serious Capricorn and entering experimental Aquarius for a six-week run at 12:43 pm Monday afternoon.

Aquarius is the sign that rules your friends, humanitarian groups, and your future, all more likely to be energy sources or major concerns in the months ahead.

Best to keep it simple Monday night - trouble is brewing. As times change.

3 thoughts on “Monday, March 30

    1. Leslie McLaurin Post author

      hi Nancy, good catch! I just forgot to post it at the end of the Sunday daily. I will put it up in a little bit. You can also find it in the March pdf. Birthday forecasts are always listed after the Wednesday forecast in the pdf.


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Sunday, March 29

The good vibes from the last two Venus aspects float through the heavens Sunday morning.

Green lights are up, and the Gemini moon favors short trips and saying what is on your mind.

The best hour of the day to do so appears at 1:32 pm PDT when the Sun and Moon make a sextile and line up in harmony.

The worst time to speak up is at 7:58 pm when the Moon squares Mercury, ruler of Gemini.

Clear hours follow. As times change.

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Saturday, March 28

Saturday’s Skywatch begins with the Moon making a trine to Jupiter, and a conjunction to Venus at 7:20 am PDT.

A companionable Moon Pluto trine follows at 8:19 am and the morning is off to a glorious start, and green lights are up. Energy levels rise as the Moon trines tireless Mars at 4:05 pm Saturday afternoon.

Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters talkative Gemini at 6:38 pm. Evening hours again are extraordinary as the Moon trines dependable Saturn at 7:36 pm.

A passionate and rare Venus trine to healing Pluto kicks on the love lights at 7:57 pm. It’s a good time to show those you love how much you care. It’s a very good moment to get married, too.

As times change.

2 thoughts on “Saturday, March 28

  1. Lance Ferguson

    my offer still stands…if you would like a copy of the monthly Skywatch edition send me a long,self addressed,stamped envelope and a one dollar bill…I’ll put the current issue in your envelope and get it back to you pronto…send to; Skywatch, PO Box 214, Blaine, WA 98231.
    look into the western sky tonight and see the Moon and Venus next to the pleiades. lovely sight if you have clear skies.


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Friday, March 27

Green lights. There’s a powerful and positive blast of energy and healing in the Skywatch today and Saturday. Sweet Venus trines lucky Jupiter today at 9:24 pm PDT. And she will trine Pluto tomorrow.

The rest of Friday’s Skywatch is stellar for handling important chores and all financial matters. The Moon in money sign Taurus is delighted to hear that ruler Venus is kissing Jupiter today. This combination suggests a very good day for buying/selling.

Evening hours are romantic and excellent for all social plans. The Moon sextiles romantic Neptune at 9:02 pm. Venus trines Jupiter at 9:24 pm. It’s a great moment to pop the question—love is in the air.

As times change.

3 thoughts on “Friday, March 27

  1. Lance Ferguson comes Venus in money sign Taurus linking up with expansive Jupiter and powerful Pluto now and it’s a very hopeful sign the bill in Congress to help us all will be signed. Pluto rules corporations so we can expect them to get a huge tax boost as well, given who runs the government. Love is in the air, too, with sweet Venus on stage…and I wouldn’t be surprised if you have a big craving for something sweet this weekend. Leslie and I send our love. Be well.

  2. Lance Ferguson

    One more thing…if you feel lazy today and don’t do anything worthwhile…Venus is talking to you and she prompts both of us to be worthless today…every planet has good/bad traits… I see it in charts all the time…someone has a Venus Mercury conjunction in Aquarius…big-time brain and capability to create, teach, be a real force in communications. But they are lazy and don’t capitalize on this gift…and don’t get educated or put this gift to use. I think Venus is telling us to back off, be grateful for the good things and people in our lives, eat chocolate, and stay out of arguments. Some good Mexican food wouldn’t be a bad idea either.


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