Monday, December 4

The devil is in the details with Mercury now Retrograde in idealistic Sagittarius until December 22.

Suggest you save receipts when you buy gifts during the Rx period in case you get the wrong size/color, and I also suggest you shop early for the most popular items which may be out of stock in the weeks ahead.

Expect unusual weather, delays in most matters including shipments, and problems with the machines we use to communicate and travel with, including cars, computers, and phones.

Morning hours are the best of the day for important calls and business as the Moon trines eager Mars at 7:57 am PST. Challenging ideas and actions are more likely as Luna travels on to oppose perfectionist Saturn at 9:46 am and then oppose Mercury Rx at 11:13 am.

Caution lights come on a minute later as Luna turns Void of course until she enters home sign Cancer at 12:37 pm. Clear skies follow for the rest of the day and night.

As times change.

One thought on “Monday, December 4

  1. Alexia

    Had to evacuate from huge fire where I live at 12:00 . Hopefully our house stays safe. Please send prayers and positive thoughts


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THE WEEKEND: December 2-3

Highs and lows. A creative and spiritually inclined Jupiter-Neptune trine, exact at 6:22 pm PST is the main event on Saturday and the weekend. However, there are two confusing notes in the Skywatch on Saturday. The moon is Void of Course from Friday until she enters curious Gemini at 1:21 pm. Hold off on making important purchases and decisions while the Moon is V/C. The second problem in the heavens is Mercury turning Retrograde at 11:34 pm Saturday night.

Caution lights are up on Sunday. The Sun and Moon both square foggy Neptune on their way to lining up in a Full Moon in Gemini at 7:47 am PST Sunday morning. Strange sleep and dreams are likely with Neptune on deck. Remember to double-check the details today with Mercury Retrograde adding another layer of confusion and possible misunderstandings to the day’s events. Clear skies prevail after the lunation, but this is still a foggy day to handle anything important or dangerous. As times change.

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Friday, December 1, 2017

Caution lights. There’s lots of static in the Skywatch this morning as impatient Mars lines up opposite to unpredictable Uranus at 2:04 am PST.

Weird electrical stuff comes along with Uranus. Be careful in traffic as this pair incites some folks to speed and take dangerous chances.

Another challenge in the Skywatch this morning appears a 7:08 am when the Moon opposes Jupiter. Green lights for work or play come on a few minutes later as Luna sextiles creative Neptune at 7:37 am.

A major aspect is in full power today and tonight as generous Jupiter makes a lovely trine to psychic and intuitive Neptune on Saturday. This pair is romantic, compassionate and sets up an excellent evening for art, music, and dancing—all Neptune ruled.

A healing Moon Pluto trine at 5:53 pm adds more good energy to afternoon plans, however, the Moon turns Void of Course a minute later until early tomorrow morning. No matter, the evening is stellar for romance, making peace with enemies and sweet bedtime stories.

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Thursday, November 30

Caution lights.

A powerful and often violent planetary exchange is forming in the heavens today. This difficult energy is foreshadowed early Friday morning when the Moon opposes Mars and conjuncts volatile Uranus at 4:16 am PST. Lots of folks won’t sleep through it.

Tackle the hard jobs first thing Friday morning. Luna trines dependable Saturn at 8:50 am PST and sails on to trine clever Mercury at 10:37 am and then turn Void of Course until she enters Taurus at 1:38 pm.

All the while aggressive Mars lines up opposite unpredictable and rebellious Uranus, the exact alignment is at 2:04 am early Friday morning. Problems with cars, computers, and electricity are all due to Uranus. Mars just likes to break things and start fires—he often carries a weapon.

Stay under the speed limit and be safe Thursday night. You’ll hear sirens in the city. As times change.

9 thoughts on “Thursday, November 30

  1. Elizabeth Chapman

    Wait……tackle the hard jobs Friday morning? I take it that you mean Thursday morning…? Otherwise I’ll just stay in bed and read!

  2. lance Ferguson

    not “Friday” morning…it’s Thursday morning…also…Mercury Retrograde starts Saturday in Sagittarius, the sign of travel and foreigners…the problem with the airlines is likely to get worse as Mercury backs up he stops in a square to confusing Neptune…double trouble is brewing in this Rx cycle…suggest you figure out alternate methods of travel and plans, if possible…and be sure to check out your car before travel as this is when batteries poop out and car problems get worse.

    1. Kate

      it’s been happening around me since the retrograde shadow phase intensified. I just want to [plaintively] ask when is it going to end?

  3. Tina

    My dog was attacked by a pit bull today around 12:15 pm, PST. I was walking him and he was on his leash. I’m still shaking. He was taken to an emergency vet and he will have surgery after he is stabilized. My poor Bacon is the sweetest big guy. A special thanks to my neighbors who came to help when they heard my pleas for help. I’m waiting here at the vet now. Be safe everyone <3

  4. Elizabeth Chapman

    Hey hey Kate, l think I remember reading in the December forecast, that it ends on The 22nd…(of December). Someone correct me if that’s off…Isn’t the Mercury retro about 21 days?
    Just in time for the Holidaze :-O

  5. lance Ferguson

    yup…the Rx cycle ends on Dec 22…always most difficult for Gemini and Virgo signs and planets as they are ruled by Mercury.


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Wednesday, November 29

Green lights.

But be patient, aware and pace yourself—stick to a canter today.

The Moon in impatient Aries will inspire some pilgrims to be hasty and gallop into an argument or accident—the most likely hour is around 3:53 pm when the Moon squares demanding and inflexible Pluto. Clear skies follow.

Use the Aries energy well by going or doing something first time today and tonight. All physical activities are also good outlets—Aries rules your muscles.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday, November 29

  1. lance Ferguson

    I have Mercury in Gemini in my natal chart = always curious. So I ran some charts.
    Uranus is the actor in the dismissal of Capricorns Charlie Rose and Matt Laurer.
    Rose has his Mars in 27 Aries…Uranus hit that point last month.
    Laurer has his Moon in 25 Aries…Uranus is there now.
    Uranus rules the truth and always has an unexpected element. If your birthday is April 14-18, Uranus is sitting on your Sun. This only happens once in 84 years and is bound to shake up your life, too.

  2. Chicken

    Awesome, trainer at work asked me to review a sensitive email to set an example for us trainees but missed a crucial detail I pointed out, always my Aries classic mistake. Banged out an awesome project this morning the bosses weren’t expecting and hired a trauma specialist therapist this evening. So fitting!


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Tuesday, November 28

Early chatter.

The Moon squares Saturn and Mercury at 4:09 am PST and then turns Void of Course early Tuesday morning.

Green lights kick on as the Moon leaves sleepy Pisces and enters fired up Aries at 8:30 am.

There’s nothing else in the Skywatch on Tuesday to slow you down as the Moon avoids contact with any other planet for the rest of the day and night. Rock on.

As times change.

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