Tuesday, May 19

Caution lights.  Simplify your plans today.  

The Moon in impatient Aries squares stubborn Pluto at 8:50 am PDT and squares overindulgent Jupiter at 1:33 pm.  

Luna then turns Void of Course until she finally enters Taurus at 7:10 pm.   But a grouchy Moon Saturn square follows at 10:58 pm.  

This is a good day to chop wood, carry water.  

As times change.

9 thoughts on “Tuesday, May 19

  1. Alex Troup

    HAPPY Birthday Lance we have all come along way from Austin Texas to where you are now….thanks for so much good sharing…A T.

  2. Sandy Watts

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you LANCE!!!!!
    Thanks for making sure we had a chance to salute him, Leslie!!
    Lance, we are so lucky to benefit from and enjoy your wisdom and beautiful prose and humor!!!!
    It helps us travel through ANY times, but particularly in “unprecedented” times.
    To your own continued great health, happiness and peace! in new personal year!!

  3. jimi duke

    Happy Birthday, Lance! Thank you for your thoughtful readings. Your devoted fans, Jimi & Charlie!

  4. lance ferguson

    thanks all of you for the good vibes….I’m still saddled up and ready for a new year and the changes to come. we will get through this together…meanwhile…be well, stay safe….love, Lance


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Monday, May 18

Speak up. Green lights are flashing this morning.

The Moon in eager Aries lines up in harmony, makes a sextile, to persuasive Mercury at 10:17 am PDT. Sextiles bring us times of opportunity - good times to take action. Clear skies follow for the rest of the day and night.

A reminder that Venus remains Retrograde - there is a disturbance in the love and money Force. Our judgment in people and making purchases can be cloudy and not as usual during this Retrograde cycle. Not a bad thing, but you might not feel the same way or like the same color of your new car when Venus resumes direct motion on June 25.

Move carefully now and in the weeks ahead. It’s not a bad time to get married, but it is not the best time to become engaged - you might change your mind.

As times change.

1 thought on “Monday, May 18

  1. Lance Ferguson

    six planets will be in Retrograde in June…a powerful Jupiter Pluto conjunction is also ahead…
    the June issue of Skywatch is now ready for your perusal…to get your copy send a Long, self addressed, stamped envelope with a one dollar bill inside to Skywatch PO Box 214, Blaine, WA 98231
    And I’ll put your copy into the post pronto…get informed and you’ll be ready to make the most of the strange days ahead.


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Sunday, May 17

Sunday is a day of Grace. The main event in the Skywatch is a stellar trine between the Sun and optimistic Jupiter, exact at 9:40 am PDT. Good vibes, maybe a lucky break, or a new idea that works are all more likely when Jupiter is on stage. Meanwhile, the Moon enters fired up Aries at 6:36 am and immediately lines up in a friendly sextile to dependable Saturn at 10:29 am. There’s nothing else in the heavens to stop the parade of good news and vibes on Sunday—reach out. As times change.

If your birthday is this week, (May 17–23)

I like what I see in our Solar Return, late Taurus and early Gemini birth signs. We have two big positive connections to our Sun in this chart of our new year. Dependable Saturn and lucky Jupiter both trine our Sun suggesting a year when the hard work we do pays off in spades. Yes, yes, yes. Even Venus Retrograde in our new Solar Return can’t stop our progress in the months ahead, but she does warn us to be very careful with love and money matters as she makes a square to dreamy Neptune encouraging impractical thinking and purchases. Mars and Neptune are both in spiritual Pisces in our new chart, increasing our psychic awareness and ability to get information in our dreams—ask the important question just before you doze off, Taurus and Gemini, and see what happens. As times change.

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Saturday, May 16

Astrological skies are foggy Saturday morning. The Moon in dreamy Pisces meets ruler Neptune at 11:34 am PDT. A lazy Moon Venus square follows at 1:35 pm. Green lights come on for the entire weekend a few minutes later—the only other events in the Skywatch this weekend are kisses. A passionate Moon Pluto sextile at 8:15 pm opens the door to heavy conversations Saturday night.

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Friday, May 15

Listen carefully this morning.

The Moon sextiles friendly Uranus at 9:41 am PDT, but then quickly squares distracted Mercury at 9:57 am.

Green lights come on a few minutes later as the Skywatch clears for the rest of the day and night.

Trust your instincts and intuition today and tonight with the Moon in aware and intuitive Pisces.

1 thought on “Friday, May 15

  1. Merle Morrigan

    “Listen carefully this morning.”

    In a nationwide display of appreciation for healthcare workers fighting on the front lines of the pandemic, fighter jets will soar over local hospital campuses Friday morning.

    vroooooooooooooooooooooom whoooooooooooosh!


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Thursday, May 14

Put your will to work on Thursday.

There is lots of static in the heavens today as the Sun and Moon square at 7:03 am PDT and Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters psychic Pisces at 6:24 pm.

Remember, too, that Venus is now Retrograde — be careful with spending your money and love — mistakes, misunderstandings, and faulty judgments are more likely now — be very, very sure of what you are buying.

The good news in today’s Skywatch comes from a trine between the Sun and powerful Pluto, the planet that rules your will, among other things. Exact at 11:49 pm; the strength in this trine will be with you all day and night.

Hold off on finalizing matters with the Moon V/C but ask for what you want today and set up something good for the days ahead.

As times change.

1 thought on “Thursday, May 14

  1. Marlene

    Lance, Thank you for doing the skywatch!! It’s nice to know how to really plan your day and what to watch out for…it’s helpful!!
    thank you and you and Leslie have a good day!!!


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