Saturday, April 14

Take a positive step of some kind in your life on Saturday. This is a day of Grace—Green lights are up.

A rare and most helpful Jupiter Pluto sextile, exact at 3:28 am PDT Saturday morning contributes to and inspires successful outcomes to our endeavors this weekend.

Moreover, Mars makes a gentle trine to idealistic and spiritual Neptune on Saturday at 10:28 am encouraging us all to help others today, to be creative, and to take a break from the material world.

The only quack or caution light comes on at 1:01 pm when the Moon squares stingy and grumpy Saturn. Try not to overreact to delays or problems that come up then as the Skywatch clears a few minutes later and stays calm until the Moon squares feisty Mars at 00:46 am early Sunday morning when tempers could flare.

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