Saturday, April 7

Saddle up.  A big kiss shows up in the Skywatch on Saturday.

Sweet Venus in Taurus lines up in a trine, an agreement, with dependable and realistic Saturn, exact at 6:36 am PDT Saturday morning.  Venus rules love and money.  Saturn is practical and reliable.  So it’s a stellar day to get married and for making money and creating abundance in your life.

Morning hours are high energy as the Moon trines Venus and conjuncts Saturn at 5:19 am.  The big Venus trine follows and will bless the entire day and night with a low-key positive vibe.

Energy levels rise as the Moon meets eager Mars in the heavens at 10:41 am.  A quiet and creative Moon Neptune sextile at 5:46 pm adds a romantic and spiritual tone to Saturday evening plans.

Sorry to say the good mood doesn’t last due to the Sun and Moon making a tense square seventeen minutes after midnight on Saturday and the bill for the evening comes.

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