Saturday, August 1, 2020

Buckle up.

There are at least a dozen days this month when caution lights will come on. The most difficult of them involve feisty Mars in impatient Aries making squares to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, all in conservative Capricorn.

Be sure to read ahead and pay attention to these squares as accidents, breakdowns, and conflicts are all more likely to appear during these events. These are the days to back off, keep it simple, and to pay extra attention to the kids and critters.

A challenging tone is in the heavens this morning as logical Mercury opposes contrary Pluto at 3:52 am PDT. Clear skies follow until 2:22 pm when Luna squares pushy Mars and tempers can flare.

The kiss of the day follows as the Moon meets, conjuncts, lucky Jupiter in the heavens at 4:57 pm and the good vibes roll on as the Moon then sextiles psychic Neptune at 5:55 pm.

A wild wind of rebellion is blowing Saturday night as the Sun lines up in a square to erratic Uranus and the Moon conjuncts intense Pluto at 10:57 pm. Play is safe and cool Saturday night.

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