Saturday, August 31

Early static.

The Moon squares jumpy Uranus at 6:23 am Saturday morning and you might not get to sleep through it. But green lights come on a few minutes later as the Skywatch improves quickly.

Luna conjuncts/meets lucky Jupiter in the heavens at 10:46 am—a fabulous beginning for the holiday weekend. (And I gotta believe the fish will be biting.)

More good energy: the Moon sextiles Mercury at 12:53 pm. Luna makes a teeny weeny square to Venus at 7:06 pm. The Skywatch quickly clears as the Sun lines up in a trine to powerful Pluto Saturday night. It will be exact at 3:43 am tomorrow morning and opens the door to a wider perspective and healing exchanges Saturday evening.

This is a good night to spill your guts.

As times change.

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