Saturday, December 1, 2018

Still muddled.  Mercury remains in the confusing Retrograde cycle until the 6th.

Meanwhile, double-check the details and save all holiday shopping for the days that follow. Take your time getting in gear Saturday morning.

The Moon sextiles Mercury Rx at 6:34 am PST but then turns Void of Course until she enters fair-minded Libra at 6:49 am.  Green lights for work or play come on a minute later as the Skywatch clears.

Luna travels on to sextile optimistic Jupiter at 3:56 pm setting up the best hour of the day for anything important.  Likely you’ll feel a dip in your energy when the Moon squares somber Saturn at 8:44 pm Saturday night.

A clearing trend quickly follows and we get a good night kiss as the Sun and Moon sextile just after midnight at 12:31 am.

As times change.

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