Saturday, December 17

The Moon in roaring Leo opposes Venus at 2:23 am CST which passes by softly whether you are awake or not. Green lights kick on a minute later as Luna sails out into quiet waters.

A wonderful explosion of positive energy in the Skywatch appears Saturday afternoon. Luna sextiles optimistic Jupiter at 4:51 pm and then trines both Saturn and Uranus at 6:57 pm creating a Fire Grand Trine in the heavens.

If you have a new magic trick this is the time to pull it out, or to propose marriage or get married. Schedule something healthy, worthwhile, adventuresome or enjoyable in this time period.

Alternately, if you have a difficult call or meeting to schedule, this is the time. No guarantees things will work out as you want, but the positive energy in this Grand Trine is most helpful and will be an uplifting energy in the heavens, even in the hours that follow.

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