Saturday, December 8

Get an early start on chores and the important stuff Saturday morning.

The Moon enters realistic Capricorn a 4:01 am PST and travels on to make a pleasant sextile to easy going Venus at 11:20 am Saturday morning.

Clear skies follow until the Moon meets up with serious Saturn in the heavens at 9:09 pm Saturday night.

Quiet hours return a few minutes later.

As times change.


3 thoughts on “Saturday, December 8

  1. Mary Rose Czajka

    Thanks to a year of Lances astrology’s readings my 2018 birthday Dec 8 is better than I anticipated. I’m learning a lot about Neptune. I stopped making judgements quickly, added tolerance, removed doubt and put more love in my life. Yes Neptune can murk up my vision of truth so That’s What I learned.

    Thanks Lance for the years of reading the planets for my solar return;)

    1. Karena

      Awesome, Mary Rose. So very glad for you. Lance has helped me a lot this year too; and ongoing, he and Leslie over these many moons.

  2. Alexander

    This is a good new moon hard to fugure but a ending for one great era and age and lots of rain cold comming and really a non Christmas is the last year next year of an old dynamic sour decade of billions of people..where balance should begin at home not in the last thing sleep dreams and pure water..or bilge water.


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