Saturday, February 2

Tackle the hard jobs first thing Saturday morning as the Skywatch is clear.

Another shot of dangerous and challenging energy appears in the heavens Saturday afternoon as the Moon meets demanding Pluto at 12:13 pm PST and then squares aggressive Mars at 1:12 pm.

A clearing trend immediately follows as a lovely Venus-Uranus trine pulls exact at 3:40 pm setting the stage for an enjoyable evening. This trine is often around when there is “love at first sight” or a more than friendly encounter.

Clear skies follow.

1 thought on “Saturday, February 2

  1. lance Ferguson

    I don’t care what the groundhog says….Spring is going to be late this year….

    Mercury, ruler of winds and our guide to seasons changing, stays in Winter sign Pisces until he enters Aries, the sign of Spring, on April 16….more than three weeks late. Late freezes are likely is many areas.


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