Saturday, July 11

Saturday is the best day to tackle important chores and to do your shopping.  Although misunderstandings and confusion are likely as the Moon squares Retrograde Mercury at 9:09 am PDT.  A big energy surge follows as the Moon in Aries meets ruler Mars in the heavens at 2:16 pm.  This is a moment to be careful with anything dangerous as Mars rules cuts, burns, and explosions.  Peace returns to the Skywatch when the Moon sextiles gentle Venus at 6:21 pm.  Clear skies follow.

4 thoughts on “Saturday, July 11

  1. lance ferguson

    Looking at all the graphs on COVID 19…I notice a big spike late June, early July including now.
    Refreshing my memory I looked back and realized that Mercury is still Retrograde and this cycle started on June 18. what scares me is Trump wanting to start schools in September.
    Mars turns Retrograde on Sept 9, Mercury again turns Retrograde on October 13. And right now Mercury is stationed exactly square confused Neptune in T’s chart – do you think he’s making good decisions?

  2. Eva

    Uh, no, not the right decisions…this Nov. 6 Scorpio says we should be doing the precise opposite of all that we’re doing/not doing! I’m sharpening my stinger!


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