Saturday, June 12

Green lights are up on Saturday. The Skywatch is stellar but remember to double-check the details with Mercury still Retrograde.

The Moon in thrifty Cancer sextiles friendly Uranus at 2:10 am PDT early this morning and then sails out into calm waters. Evening hours are especially good for social plans and introductions.

The Moon trines creative and romantic Neptune at 10:06 pm followed by the kiss of the day, Venus sextile Uranus, exact at 10:38 pm. This sextile covers Saturday with good vibes and might even prompt some folks to experience love at first sight.

As times change.

3 thoughts on “Saturday, June 12

  1. lance ferguson

    Shootings in Austin…crazy, dangerous passengers on planes…even with the good stuff in the sky today, the big picture is a big square powering up…exact on Monday. Saturn square Uranus puts a huge load of stress on the earth and all of us….the weakest links often crack up under this tension. Take no chances this weekend. Sit tight and let’s all get through this safely.

    1. Kathy Wall

      Thank you for the reminder. I have often looked at the big red X on my calendar for Monday. I live in the Austin area. What a sad and scary time we have all had – everywhere. So appreciate your guidance. Wishing peaceful times for everyone.

  2. Larry and Marlene

    Great idea Lance!!!! I agree with you 100% I hope everyone has a great and relaxing week-end and I hope Monday will be peaceful and clam!!


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