Saturday, June 13

Caution lights. The Moon sextiles Jupiter at 5:45 am PDT early Saturday morning and then turns Void of Course until she enters feisty Aries a 2:03 pm Saturday afternoon.

In this window of time, a dangerous planetary pairing shows up. Disturbed sleep and strange dreams are all more likely this morning as aggressive Mars meets dream maker Neptune in the heavens a 7:13 am PDT.

Neptune weakens the power and reach of Mars, especially since this conjunction is in water sign Pisces, ruled by Neptune. Best then to keep it simple today and to avoid tackling anything dangerous or difficult. Problems with alcohol, drugs, poisons, and water are all more likely with Neptune on stage.

The only positive marker in the Skywatch on Saturday shows up at 4:12 pm when Luna sextiles realistic Saturn. Clear skies follow but take no chances Saturday night- caution lights are up.

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