Saturday, June 27

Green lights are up for work or play on Saturday. The Moon trines Pluto and Jupiter at 3:51 am PDT giving us all an emotional boost as we start the day.

Caution lights flicker on briefly when the Moon opposes impatient Mars at 1:02 pm and then turns Void of Course until she enters gentle Libra at 1:16 pm. Green lights and a high energy series of changes then appear in the Skywatch and all favorable for everything you’ve got planned. The Moon trines trusty and dependable Saturn at 1:44 pm.

A big shot of new energy appears in the heavens as Mars leaves watery Pisces and enters his home sign, Aries, at 6:45 pm on Saturday. Hotter, faster, meaner, quicker and all with a splash of teenage logic is what we can expect to see as Mars roars on in his home sign, turns Retrograde in September, and remains in hot-blooded Aries until he enters peaceful Taurus in early 2021.

This is an exceptionally long stretch of Mars at his best and worst. Each planet and every sign have positive and challenging energy. Your mission is to use Mars to put some muscle and high energy into top priority plans. He will also give you the courage to do things you’ve never done before. "Why Not?" is his calling.

There’s one more sweet kiss in the heavens Saturday night as the Moon trines affectionate Venus at 10:34 pm. If you are ready to pop the question, this is the moment.

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    Something seems to be missing on your site – your layout and links are not showing up, just basic HTML. Since this is only something that’s happening here and not anywhere else I normally browse, thought you might like a heads up. Stay well!


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