Saturday, March 31

Charged up. the Moon in Libra squares Mars at 00:12 am PDT and then squares grumpy Saturn at 2:22 am and then turns Full at 5:37 am Saturday morning.

This is a powerful load and pushes emotions out to the surface. Communication problems, illogical ideas are also more likely as Luna opposes Mercury Rx at 9:15 am.

The light at the end of the tunnel follows a few minutes later as the Moon sails out into calm seas for the rest of the day and night on Sunday.

As times change.

4 thoughts on “Saturday, March 31

  1. lance Ferguson

    er…day and night on Saturday….and we note the Winter Solstice chart which called for a severe Winter has come true…no fun to Skywatchers up north…we’ve had a rainy cold season here in western Washington, but nothing like many folks have suffered…the good news is that there won’t be such a nasty Solstice chart for Winter next year or the next….times change.

  2. James

    Wow, just had a massive argument with all 4 roomates getting very angry over general house cleaning and living topics and The snow ball of pointing fingers reared it’s ugly head. Great reminder to look at the situation and look inside asking “what do I own in this situation” And how can I help /change / better it, before attacking others s as we all see the world through our own very unique lenses forgetting that others are looking f at us the same way.

  3. lance Ferguson

    very well put, James. this Full Moon is in Libra, the Scales….finding the right balance now and a just and fair balance is the Libra way.


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