Saturday, May 1, 2021

Get started on the important stuff as early in the month as possible. We have lots of good days ahead to work on priority plans and only three days in the Skywatch when astrological skies kick on the caution lights. However, Mercury will again turn Retrograde on May 29 and remain in this somewhat difficult cycle until June 22. Moreover, responsible Saturn will also turn Retrograde on May 23; this yearly event will keep Saturn backing up on the bases until October 17.

Green lights are up on Saturday for work or play. Get up early and you’ll enjoy the Sun Moon trine at 4:12 am PDT (that’s 7:12 am in Boston—remember to convert Pacific time to your local time zone). Clear skies follow for the rest of Saturday’s daylight. Good news is in the heavens Saturday night as the Moon trines affectionate Venus at 9:42 pm and then sextiles romantic and creative Neptune at 11:16 pm. A Mercury Pluto trine shows up three hours later and opens the door to deep conversations and putting your truth on the table with clarity. As times change.

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