Saturday, September 12

Green lights are up on Saturday. The Moon in water sign Cancer opposes Jupiter at 9:54 am PDT which might tempt you to plan more than is possible today. But Luna sails on to trine creative Neptune at 1:45 pm and then sextile the Sun at 3:44 pm. The big event on Saturday is Jupiter leaving his Retrograde cycle which began on May 15 and turning back direct in motion. Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius and Pisces who will find things get a bit easier in the days ahead, and this change helps all of us to grow and learn with less resistance and delays. Think before you speak Saturday evening when the Moon opposes intense Pluto at 7:19 pm. A grouchy and cynical Moon Saturn opposition at 12:37 am early Sunday morning cramps everyone’s style and won’t help you get a goodnight kiss. Better to call it early.

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