September Letter from Lance

Friends, September 13, 2016

A change of seasons is in the air here in Birch Bay. A small flock of 10-15 Canadian Geese have been hanging out in a small pond nearby. Their “honks” are strong and we love to see/hear them fly over. Leslie says that what we are hearing is mother talking and showing the kids how to fly and eat. I think she’s right. Yesterday they were flying in formation for the first time. And here we are on the other side of great migrations that are just getting underway. Where we used to be at the end of the journey, now we are at the beginning.

I saw my first flying “V” formation of ducks heading south yesterday. As you know, I can’t tell north from south and never could. But God bless these new cars that have a compass so I knew north from south. (and it still baffles me why cars didn’t have compasses in the ‘60s) The Kodak shot of the week was from the hill overlooking the back bay where a crowd of about 1,000 ducks were massed in the shallow waters. And nearly all of them had their heads in the water and were loading up on groceries preparing for the long trip south.
The leaves are turning in the birch and maple trees already. Pumpkins are nearly ripe in all the local gardens. Folks here have big gardens where they can and most of them plant at least two rows of flowers along side the tomatoes and vegetables. They plant flowers in the flower boxes and hang huge baskets of flowers on their porches. And all kinds – 15 different colorful faces in the front yard in a common occurrence. I’ve never seen such displays. Really beautiful.
And now it’s apple harvest time. I counted 14 different varieties of apples from local orchards in the grocery store last week. Apple cider, apple brandy, apple vodka all are products made from the harvest. And it’s been a very good year for farmers here as the harvests of berries, apples, corn and potatoes have been better than average. The old timers tell me that means we are going to have a hard winter and Mother Nature is preparing for it with the abundance.

We did have some fun at the local Indian casino where Leslie thumped the penny slots and walked away with 60 bucks. We aren’t big gamblers but she has the touch from time to time. And last week I saw where she had Jupiter trine Jupiter = luck trines luck. So we went to the Silver Reef, run by and on the land of the Lummi Indian tribe. Lummi rhymes with yummy. We had a little lunch and Leslie was hot, sure enough, and she won back the twenty bucks I lost and came home with a little cash. Not many people have the good planets and signs that favor gambling. She didn’t know she had it until one day many years ago when I talked her into going to a little bar where they had slot machines. She hit three jackpots in less than an hour – and walked away with about 300 bucks. That day I saw Jupiter meet her Venus, the ruler of money and figured she could win. You don’t get many of these high luck days but she does get another set of them in Nov and we’ll be back to the casino. She is a real hoot when she wins and I love to see her smile. And she gets it: don’t play unless we have lucky Jupiter on our side.

I don’t have her lucky touch and so still haven’t won in a local bar’s Sunday Texas Hold ‘Em poker games. You’d think just because I was born in Dallas I could win the damn game. I’m not giving up. One last note: I’m almost finished with the 2017 Datebook. I’ll probably wait until the end of Mercury Rx to finalize it. So, it should be ready for your perusal in early Oct. Cost is $25 which buys you a lot of information and it comes as a pdf or hard copy – same as last year. I’ll let you know when it’s done. Venus Retrograde is one new element in the Skywatch in 2017. Then Jupiter enters Scorpio. Saturn enters Capricorn. And times change.

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