Sunday, August 1, 2021

Quack days 3, Kiss days 4. This is a good month for vacations, starting new projects, and handling important matters of all kinds. The Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Mars will all spend some time in efficient and analytical Virgo in August which will help us make good decisions and worthwhile purchases. Virgo rules pets and small animals so this is a good month to get a new pet and to visit the vet with yours.

Sunday’s Skywatch is serious and better suited for practical stuff rather than fun. Morning hours are quiet as the Moon sextiles gentle Neptune ay 11:13 am PDT. Two strong oppositions to Saturn follow that could challenge compromise and agreement around your home later in the day. Mercury opposes grumpy Saturn at 2:50 pm. A brief moment of peace appears at 4:01 pm when the Moon trines healing Pluto. But the Sun also opposes Saturn at 11:14 pm Sunday night suggesting a poor evening to talk budgets or future trips to Disneyland. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (August 1–7) Unexpected news and actions are very, very likely in the year ahead, Leo. Because Uranus, the god of change, is connected to three different planets in your new Solar Return. The Sun and Mercury both square Uranus in this chart of your new year. Handle these squares by sticking to the truth and being open to changing your mind when reality shows you something different. The good news is that sweet Venus, ruler of love and money, sits in a stellar trine to Uranus in your new SR opening the door to better times and income in ways you can’t see right now. Experiment, look for new ways to do things, Leo. Go find the changes you need to make before they find you. And put your original stamp and ideas on the work and matters important to you. Keep your eyes on the future, Leo. Times have changed.

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