Sunday, December 13

Suspect the dream world gives you something to think about Sunday morning, as dream maker Neptune makes a square to messenger Mercury at 3:39 am PST. But that’s the only real problem in Sunday’s Skywatch. The Moon in easygoing Sagittarius sails out into calm seas and makes no connections to other planets through the day and night—Sag energy points your attention to the future. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (December 13–19). You’ve got the three kisses in the Skywatch this week in your new Solar Return, Sagittarius. The year ahead has promise. Affectionate and charming Venus sextiles lucky Jupiter and Saturn in this chart of your new year. This is a rare situation and extremely advantageous if you are looking for love and/or a way to increase your income. Sextiles bring opportunities worth following that usually have positive outcomes. So, accept all invitations in the months ahead, Sag. A Mercury Mars trine in your new SR encourages you to use new ideas and techniques in your work and life as you are very likely to hit upon a solution that works quite well. It’s up to you, Sag. The more energy you put into situations, the more likely you will draw aces and win the game or find the love you’ve been missing. Get involved, speak up. You won’t pass this way again. As times change.

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