Sunday, December 2

Slow down.  Caution lights are up on Sunday as the Sun makes a challenging square to hasty and impatient Mars at 4:35 pm PST.  Accidents, breakdowns, arguments and rude behavior are all more likely with this square and Mercury still Rx.  A second wave of tension in the heavens follows as Luna makes a square to demanding Pluto at 5:29 pm.  Quiet hours follow as the Skywatch clears for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  As times change.

If your birthday is this week (December 2–8)

You have two difficult planetary connections to dreamy Neptune in your new Solar Return, Sagittarius.  Your Sun sits in square to Neptune which means: “Deception, confusion and unrealistic aspirations threaten your goals” according to master astrologer Lois Rodden.  Mars also connects with Neptune in this chart of your new year calling for you to take the high road in all you do and to realize you will need more time and a conservative, realistic approach to make your dreams come true in the months ahead.  The good news in this new chart is that lucky Jupiter is sitting next to your Sun, giving you an extra dose of confidence and the ability to sell your ideas and thinking to those in power.  Get focused and organized and you can make this a banner year, Sag.  As times change.

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  1. Leslie McLaurin Post author

    A special treat for everyone: Go to the SAMPLE link (above) and you can view the pdf of the 2018 Datebook as well as the monthly pdf for this Dec. You are welcome. Happy Holidays everyone!


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