Sunday, December 8

Likely you had strange dreams early Sunday morning with Neptune hanging out in the heavens. Something surprising is likely as you rise with the Moon in Taurus meeting unpredictable Uranus at 5:34 am. Green lights come on past this marker as the Skywatch clears. The kiss of the day follows at 1:49 pm when affectionate Venus makes a lovely sextile to romantic and spiritual Neptune. This aspect encourages love and reverence and appreciation of the arts and music on Sunday. Quiet hours follow in the Skywatch. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (December 8–14)

You’ve got a powerful and upbeat Solar Return this year, Sagittarius. The fortunate Jupiter Uranus trine is a crown jewel in this chart of your new year. These planets favor making changes in your life that give you more freedom and independence. Uranus rules inventions, brilliant thinking; Jupiter expands any planet it touches and will help you get approval for your work and plans in the months ahead. Uranus also rules cars, computers, and all high tech stuff, so this is a good year to buy new machines and a new car. Sweet Venus sits next to powerful Pluto in your new SR, which will help singles find a powerful new love and all of you to create a better financial condition and have more money in the bank by your next birthday. Get involved and ask for what you want this year, Sag. Times have changed.

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