Sunday, February 16

Changes in the Skywatch on Sunday are important to note.

Mars leaves easygoing Sagittarius and enters responsible and hard-working Capricorn early Sunday morning. The next six weeks will demand your patience and concentration on the tasks at hand. Tackle the hard jobs first thing Sunday morning.

The kiss of the day appears at 3:05 pm PST when the Moon trines agreeable Venus.

Misunderstandings and confusion are more likely to follow as Mercury turns Retrograde in dreamy Pisces at 4:54 pm. You’ll get a taste of this energy at 7:10 pm when the Moon squares Mercury Rx.

As times change.

If your birthday is this week (Feb 16–22),

A dream can come true this year, late Aquarius and early Pisces birth signs.  Lucky Jupiter and creative Neptune are aligned in a sextile in your new Solar Return.  This sextile opens the door to new opportunities that are waiting for you to find and follow in the months ahead. And this is especially wonderful for all Pisces Sun signs as these planets are your rulers.  Yes, you have Mercury Retrograde in this chart of your new year, so you need to pay close attention to the details of any project you get involved in. Mars is in Capricorn, his favorite sign, in this new SR. That means you can do more and be more productive this year than years past.  Venus in fiery Aries in this SR is a great companion to new starts and fresh beginnings in your life. Stay focused on your top priority and you’ll be ahead of the game by your next birthday. As times change.

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