Sunday, February 23

A New Moon in spiritual and creative Pisces, exact at 7:32 am PST, adds emotional energy to your Sunday morning routine. An energized Moon Mars sextile follows at 8:30 am.

However, there’s an aspect of overdoing it at about the same time. Lazy Venus squares overconfident Jupiter at 8:59 am, about the time Junior uses all the maple syrup on his French toast. The square itself is soft as these planets are called “the benefics” and only encourage exaggeration in the square. However, with Mercury Retrograde, exaggerations could be costly on Sunday.

Mental energy increases Sunday afternoon as Luna meets communicator Mercury in the heavens at 4:39 pm. Clear skies follow Sunday night.

As times change.

2 thoughts on “Sunday, February 23

  1. Lance Ferguson

    Lots of new folks are checking out this site these days…and if you are new to Skywatch and want to see the monthly issue that you can read by being a member, or you want to see what a Datebook looks like, click on “sample” up on the top of the page and you’ll find examples of both. Also, if you want to see the Skywatch for yesterday, scroll down and you’ll find at least the last three days of reports still up.

  2. Kris in Pisces

    As my birthday is on the 26th, this Wednesday, …….looking for my, and other spiritual creative pal’s, Birthday lookout for the year! Thanks Lance!


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