Sunday, January 10

Sunday’s Skywatch is unfocused. Luna squares dreamy Neptune at 10:29 am PST Sunday morning and then turns Void of Course and sails through quiet seas until she enters Capricorn Monday morning. Hold off on making important purchases and decisions while the Moon is V/C as our intuition and judgment are not at their best during this part of the lunar cycle. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (January 10–16)

You are in a time of growth and change, Capricorn. Pluto, the planet that rules transformation, is sitting next to your Sun in your new Solar Return. Pluto began this new era in your life earlier this year and will stay around for at least another year and a half. This connection to Pluto only happens once in your lifetime and urges you to let go of people and situations that hinder your progress and health. Pluto rules snakes and this is a time to shred your skin, removing old ways and habits of living; much better days are ahead if you do, Capricorn. New ideas, people, and resources can make your life much more interesting and profitable in the weeks ahead. The Future is calling you. As times change.

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