Sunday, January 12

Sunday’s Skywatch is the worst of the year. Mercury conjuncts Saturn and Pluto early Sunday morning. The conjunction of these two heavies appears at 8:22 am PST and you are not likely to see smiles at the breakfast table. This pair is an influence that began to show up in our lives in late December and will continue to be a depressing element in the Skywatch for another month, at least. Saturn demands you take responsibility for your actions. Pluto either rewards your efforts or can sink your boat if you don’t. Stick to your guns and duties now, and while this pair remains in the Skywatch. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (Jan 12–18)

The powerful and challenging Saturn Pluto conjunction dominates your new Solar Return, Capricorn. So this is a year to keep your nose to the grindstone and to stay patient and responsible in all things. Great progress can come holding fast to your mission this year, but the payoff won’t come until you get into 2021 or beyond. This promise comes from fortunate Jupiter also being in Capricorn in this chart of your new year — a more than lucky situation. You also have a nice link between Venus and Uranus in this new SR. They are joined by a sextile, an aspect that says you have opportunities this year to find more love and money IF you will step out on your talents and give yourself the chance to meet new people and possibilities. This is a good year to get a new watch (time is ruled by Capricorn) reminding you that you have come to a new time in your life and that you are equal to the moment and can make this a year of great progress. As times change.

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