Sunday, January 17

Caution lights are up on Sunday. Overconfident Jupiter squares eccentric Uranus at 2:49 pm PST Sunday afternoon which will lead some folks to take a gamble that doesn’t pay off. Uranus rules cars, computers, and high-tech machines-this is not a good day to purchase them as the hype may not match the facts. Remember, Jupiter is the B.S. champion. Luckily, the rest of Sunday’s Skywatch is upbeat. The Moon sextiles Pluto at 12:55 pm, and also sextiles the Sun at 7:44 pm . But Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters Aries at 11:07 pm. Keep it safe and simple Sunday night-a touch of madness is in the air. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (January 17–23). You’ve got a supercharged Solar Return, late Capricorn, and early Aquarius birth signs. The powerful Mars Uranus conjunction in the sky now becomes part of the chart of your new year. Both planets square Jupiter which amps up the power in your life this year to make positive changes and to leave negative people and situations behind you. My best advice is to be the agent of changes in your life; don’t wait for changes to find you. Uranus rules the truth and there is your path and safety in the days ahead. Finances are in the foreground with Mars and Uranus in money sign Taurus. Unexpected expenses are likely and you’ll be wise to stick to a tight budget. Stay on the safe side of everything this year and you’ll avoid a lot of problems, Capricorn and Aquarius. As times change.

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