Sunday, January 20

There’s a lot of static and confusion in the Skywatch on Sunday.  The Moon opposes demanding Pluto at 6:01 am PST; Luna then opposes tricky mercury at 10:56 am which is likely to create a misunderstanding or challenge to your thinking Sunday afternoon. Caution flags are up Sunday night as the Moon squares contrary Uranus at 5:50 pm followed by Venus making a square to dreamy Neptune at 8:24 pm which will lead some folks into trouble with alcohol, drugs, and deception – best to keep it simple and safe Sunday night.  A Full Moon perches in the evening skies, exact at 9:16 pm and another very difficult aspect is powering up – details tomorrow.  As times change.

If your birthday is this week (January 20–26)

You’ve got a wonderful new Solar Return, Aquarius. The crown jewel is loving Venus sitting next to lucky Jupiter—both in generous and optimistic Sagittarius. This pair is also likely to increase your bankroll, too. Powerful Mars is also a major player in this chart of your new year. He sits in his home sign Aries and makes three important connections to other planets in your new SR: a square to Saturn and a trine to Venus and Jupiter. The square demands hard work and lots of patience with people and matters in the months ahead. However, the trines to Jupiter and Venus mean you’ll draw some aces and be rewarded for your efforts. Best advice: get out on the dance floor if you are looking for love; gamble on yourself in biz and life. The Force is with you, Aquarius. Times have changed.

2 thoughts on “Sunday, January 20

  1. lance Ferguson

    Full Moons bring times of completion and decisions…’s a Super Moon becuase the Moon is as close to Earth as she gets. This adds power to events now. An Eclipse also adds power to matters now. So, this is a good time to give up bad habits and to let go of negative people and situations.
    This Full Moon is at 00 Leo…the sign that rules children, lovers, creative works and your heart.
    Leo also rules cats….this would be a good two week period ahead to get a kitty for your home.


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