Sunday, July 14

Caution lights are up on Sunday. The Sun opposes compulsive and unforgiving Pluto at 7:46 am PDT. Mercury Retrograde and the Moon Void of Course increase the chances of problems and confusion Sunday morning and until the Moon enters Capricorn, ending the V/C cycle at 4:05 pm. Clear skies follow. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (July 14–20)

Powerful Pluto is sitting opposite your Sun in your new Solar Return, Cancer. Again, I’m quoting master astrologer Lois Rodden for the meaning: “Inexorable conditions demand cooperative teamwork to bring out your deeper potential for, and clearer perspective on, the new cycle into which you are moving.” Most helpful is that you have lucky Jupiter in home sign Sagittarius in this chart of your new year - a positive placement that won’t return for 12 years. True, Mercury is Retrograde in this new SR, but you’ll be fine with this complication if you pay close attention to the fine print and the details -this is not typically a big deal in these charts. Also helpful is that loving Venus is in your sign in this SR. With good Venus and Jupiter, the year ahead can be one of your best, Cancer. Times change.

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